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2024 is off to a great start. As of 5/1, my total for the year is just over $35,000 towards my $50,000 annual goal, which I surpassed in 2022 and 2023. By the best of my calculations, the total donations received by myself, my mother and my father since I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 is $925,000. I predict we will cross the $1,000,000 mark in 2025!!!

During my fundraising efforts, many people ask about the progress that is being made towards killing MS. The funds that the National MS Society and other MS organizations is remarkable. There is a menu item above that will capture some of the current and past highlights.

As usual, I will have quite the adventure traveling to and participating in all of my MS fundraising events.  I will work hard this year to have more ride reports because the entertainment value is will be quite high as I try to minimize any Murphy’s Law occurrences.  There are links below for donations to each of the events.  The PA Bike MS is coming up quickly is on June 1-2, and please click here to donate and help the Yastrow family cross the million dollar mark!!!