Smilin’ Phil Will Kill MS!!!

Gimme 3000 Steps to KILL MS

It’s all about steps, and many of us are good at counting steps.

I’m using the National MS Society program of “Do It Yourself Fundraising” that allows me to create my own event that isn’t an “official” event, such as an MS bike ride or an MS walk.

The cool thing is that if you want to be a team member in my event and also participate in an official event, the funds collected from my event will be directed towards the official event(s) that you choose.

So, if Sue is a fundraiser in the Colorado MS150 Bike Ride,

So, if Sue is fundraiser for the Colorado MS 150 bike ride, she can join my event and her fundraising page can talk about all the multiple events.

It isn’t as complicated as it appears.

My event “Smilin’ Phil Will Kill MS” is all about taking steps.   I went from running a 3:49 marathon to not being able to walk more than 10 feet without looking like I’m drunk or walking more than a mile without becoming wobbly and fatigued.  My event is a long term commitment and fulfillment of average number of steps taken in a day over a six month period.

I would like you to

The other thing that will encourage people involved in other MS Bike Rides or MS Walks to participate, is that the DIY Fundraising program lets me transfer dollars from DIY to other events such as the Northern Colorado MS Walk.   As an example, if a person is involved with another event all donations will be directed towards that event for that event’s leaderboard.

The more money that is raised, the faster we will get there.  Please donate today!!!



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