Smilin’ Phil Will Kill MS!!!



There Is Proof That MS Is Dying!!!!


There is clear proof that money being generated to KILL MS is leading to more research, which is helping find new drugs faster. $$$ = Speed.

The more money raised, the faster the mitigation or cure for MS will be found. I would really appreciate it if you can make a donation to get us there even faster. CLICK HERE TO DONATE !!!

It is time to ramp up my 2018 MS fundraising. The more money, the sooner we will find a cure. It is that simple. $$$ = Speed.
My family and I have have helped raise over $600,000 to KILL MS in the last 12 years. We are very happy we have so many friends and family members that are the reason we have been so successful!!!

I get the feeling that one of the next drugs your donation will help discover will indeed KILL MS. I am on a newly release drug to minimize the damage my immune system does to the myelin sheath on my nerves. I also was selected for a clinical trial of the first drug that allegedly repairs the nerve damage. I am now in month five of the two year trial. It is hard to say, but I could be experiencing a cure right now. We will see soon!

Thanks for your generous donations because the more money that is raised, the sooner we will find that cure!!!

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