Gimme 3000 Steps to KILL MS

It’s all about steps, and many of us are good at counting steps.

I’m using the National MS Society program of “Do It Yourself Fundraising” that allows me to create my own event that isn’t an “official” event, such as an MS bike ride or an MS walk.

My event “Gimme 3000 Steps to KILL MS” is my 2020 fundraising strategy to KILL MS.  My mobility has suffered from MS, but if I concentrate and ration my energy, I can walk safely.   It is depressing that I went from running a 3:49 marathon to not being able to walk more than 10 feet without feeling like I’m drunk or walking more than a mile without becoming wobbly and fatigued.   Between physical therapy and walking carefully, I can be more in control of my MS.

I have a goal to average 3000 steps per day.   So far I am on track.   The challenge is that some days I can walk 10,000 steps, somedays only 1,000.  MS is a disease that attacks my nervous system at random times in random amounts.

The more money that is raised, the faster we will find the perfect treatment or even a cure.  Please donate today!!!



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